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Our Operations

Learn more about the pillars of Korean Virtual Group and all our different parts which keep us flying together to achieve our mission.



We operate the Airbus A220 and the Boeing 737 on our domestic and international short-haul routes serving China, Japan and other countries in the East Asian region to maximize efficiency and build a tightly-knit network.


Boeing 737-900


We operate the Boeing 777 family and the Boeing 787-9 aircraft which act as pillars to our long haul intercontinental network connecting us to the furthest cities in west Asia, Europe and the Americas.


Boeing 787-9


Airbus A220-200

Together, our regional aircraft serve more than 25 destinations across east Asia and create a network of over 15,000 kilometers of short haul routes from our hub in Seoul.


Boeing 777-300ER

The Boeing 777-200ER and the Boeing 777-300ER we operate help us establish a widespread and expanding intercontinental network while our Boeing 787-9 aircraft connect us to the furthest cities in the continents.

High Volume

We operate two of the most iconic aircraft on the planet: the Boeing 747-8 and the Airbus A380. Commonly referred to as the "jumbo jet", we use our aircraft to fly to high-density and high-volume routes all over the globe.


Boeing 747-8


Airbus A380-800

The A380 is operated on high-density and high-volume long haul routes from our hub in Seoul due to its long range and its relative efficiency while we use our 747-8 on both high-volume and legacy routes.


Korean Virtual Group follows a six-tier rank system for our pilots where they move up ranks according to the number of flight hours they have put in for the airline. At each rank, a new aircraft type is unlocked which can then be flown according to the routes in our database.

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 6.56.14 PM.png

Fleet Commanders have the special privilege to act as Deputies to the Chief Pilot and as the head of the aircraft type they have flown the most for the VA during internal and external events.

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 6.08.54 PM.png

SkyPass Rewards

Korean Virtual Group uses the SkyPass Rewards programme for its staff and pilots. SkyPass is composed of six tiers with different rewards at each level, with each tier being named after unique pieces of South Korean flora.


Priority pushback is offered during internal and external events at all tiers.

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